We are more than property managers

Our aim at SPM is to create a robust experience at each property, which goes beyond simply managing the properties. We go the extra mile to meld technology, creativity and wellness to provide a unique rental experience that covers all the bases.


As technology advances, the way we live and work must advance too. Our goal is to infuse technology into every corner of our business. We seek technology solutions that improve our employees’ ability to do their jobs, improve our prospects and residents’ experience and create greater transparency and accountability for operational success. We are constantly evaluating new opportunities to achieve these goals.

Digital Doorstep

At SPM, we seek to maximize each community’s potential by creating a cohesive and interconnected digital ecosystem that promotes a strong, recognizable and compelling brand. Digital Doorstep encompasses website development, imagery, content, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and online reputation management. This is all combined with an online leasing experience that enables the prospect to craft a sales experience to their wants and needs.

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