SPM team member speaks out about our response to the Pandemic

It’s so nice to receive compliments from one of our hard-working team members. This has been a difficult time but we will get through it together. Thank you, Tony! 

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you and everyone else involved in keeping “us” as employees #1 Safe! The precautions the company has taken to keep us safe has been unbelievable and second to no one! #2 Constant Employment It means so much to me and my family that you all have not cut our earnings during this disaster of a pandemic! I personally don’t know of any company that has sustained their employees, associates, team members, families employment the way SPM has. I know this has been very hard to do operationally but we will remember this trying time and not turn our backs on SPM our Managers, Regionals, HR, etc…in the time of need! I won’t keep rambling but I will give you 110%! Once again thank you ALL! for holding on to us, and caring for us and our families!”

 Tony – Arbors by the BayDaphne, AL

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