SPM taps College House as analytics provider for SPM’s Student Management Platform

An industry leader in multi-family conventional and affordable property management, SPM is excited to announce the launch of its student housing management division. SPM’s management infrastructure, combined with cumulative decades in senior leadership’s student housing expertise, offers a tried-and-true methodology for successful operations. SPM’s current culture of innovation and forward-thinking sets it apart as a leader in the new age of property management and resident experience.

Founded in 1977, SPM has more than 46 years of experience creating value for its partners and customers. With over 200 managed properties, they are more than property managers, they are data-driven operators, with a keen understanding of brand and customer experience. This experience enables SPM to develop and support a new generation of renters that are digitally native and brand savvy.

By infusing technology with decades of experience, processes and company culture, SPM attracts and grows top tier talent, optimizes customer experience and ultimately outperforms client’s and partner’s expectations. SPM uses its experience to constantly innovate everything they do, which is why they are consistently recognized as an industry leader.

“To setup for success, you need the right mindset, industry knowledge and the best partners to truly make a difference. SPM understands the student housing industry’s need to provide timely and accurate data without utilizing tremendous manual bandwidth from on-site teams. Data must stay consistent with the collection process and, by working with College House, we are able to remove all the outliers as it taps the data from the primary source,” says Sam Choi, Vice President-Technology.

SPM and College House understand the needs in the industry to provide market data that is both current and consistent to feed into lease-up models, evaluate trends and demand, and assess investment opportunities,” stated Cody Smith, Director-Student Housing.

College House serves a range of customers in the student housing industry including property managers, owners, brokers, investors, developers and lenders. The company’s data and analytics tools inform investments, developments, lease negotiations, property management strategies and more. Providing comprehensive data reports including occupancy, demographics, price points and pre-lease, College House helps clients make informed decisions to further drive their business forward.

“Through our adoption of College House we’re able to assess key industry data and make timely decisions using decades of experience as our guide,” stated Mitchell Smith, Executive Vice President.

College House and Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Data is the key to unlocking insights and driving progress in business, it is imperative to leverage it in daily decisive decision-making. Data-driven decision-making is turning data analysis into actionable insights that substantiate business actions with organized facts; it provides a level of validity and reliability to insights with quantitative analysis. It improves business’s efficiency, boosts competitive edge and adds further weight knowing the entire story in real-time.

The first step to implement data-driven decisions to your daily business actions is first recognizing the value of data within the world of student housing. While the amount of data available is extensive and complex, tools are available to consolidate, transform, manage and analyze data relevant to key metrics. Data intelligence and analysis tools allow businesses to collect industry-specific insights to incorporate into team decision-making. College House is home to a comprehensive student-housing data platform that includes year-over-year property and market trends to make this process easy and effective.

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