Susie Brandino

Vice President

Susie brings 40 years of experience in her role as Vice President. She has held many key positions within SPM as the company has grown and now oversees a portfolio of 3,250 units, including high-rise, mid-rise and garden-style communities for seniors. These communities are primarily non-profit and have some form of HUD subsidy included in their financing structure. Susie’s 47 senior communities are located in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Washington, DC.

The majority of the communities in Susie’s portfolio have been professionally managed by SPM for more than 25 years, serving as a testament to Susie’s ability to build strong working relationships with her owner clients. As a member of the executive team, she currently supervises five regional property managers based in Birmingham. Her multifamily experience includes new construction and lease-ups, multimillion dollar rehabs and improving financially and physically distressed assets.

Susie’s portfolio of senior communities consistently achieves Superior MOR ratings and high REAC scores. Many of these communities have also received beautification awards and special recognition from their local municipalities. Fifteen of Susie’s communities have been designated as a “Communities of Quality” by NAHMA.

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